Cooperation with furniture stores

We are open to new forms and designs, which is why we base not only on our own ideas, but also cooperate with interior designers and furniture stores. Thanks to this, we have a fresh look at what customers expect from both designers and furniture manufacturers. We also invite furniture manufacturers and furniture stores for cooperation, for which we will be happy to make metal constructions and molds for furniture. We can also make ready-made furniture for individual customer design.

Forum Designu

is an innovative proposition for independent creators and designers who want to sell and promote their products. Forum Designu is the first project in Poland that combines three basic tasks: promotion of designers, permanent exhibition[showroom] and sales. It is not only an ordinary showroom, but also events promoting Polish design. A creative place where there is always something going on. Forum Designu cares about the promotion of Polish creators, which is why Unique Forms started cooperation with pleasure by placing its products in the online store.


is a platform that was created out of love for Polish design. Mebloscenka’s mission is to promote Polish production and design. This project is mostly supported by family businesses, where accuracy in every detail comes first. All furniture is of high quality, made of natural materials.

Le Pukka

is a furniture store that was created out of passion for beautiful and original household items. It is a special and unique place where you can buy beautiful and original furniture, gems of design, and also enjoy art!


We focus on knowledge, experience and technology, which is why we cooperate with a leading manufacturer of natural stones.  For 35 years, Hoder has been gathering valuable experience in the processing of such materials as: granite, marble, travertine, onyx, slate and quartz conglomerate. The long tradition of the company stems from striving to obtain the best possible final product, using the highest quality of processing, innovative thinking, a partnership approach and constant customer Focus.


is a valued manufacturer of modern upholstered furniture, which offers unique collections of sofas, couches, armchairs and corner sofas. Most of the Bizzarto furniture is modular, so selected elements can be used to create a corner sofa or a sofa of any size.

The modern design of upholstered furniture perfectly harmonizes with our metal furniture, which is why we have started cooperation, under which selected models of our furniture can be found in the Bizzarto showroom.

FaFa Studio

is a showroom of designer furniture, which offers unique furniture for modern interiors, as well as lighting, floors and carpets. This place was created out of love for beautiful interiors, which is why we decided to cooperate, thanks to which you can find our furniture in their store in Bielsko-Biala.

MARTOM - Cudne Lampy

is a shop located in Wroclaw with decorative lighting for the living room and more. They make sure that the lighting of our apartments is as good as possible and emphasizes the unique character of each room.


is a design office that was created out of a desire and passion for interior design and a love for beautiful and coherent spaces. Numerous projects prove the professional approach and trust of investors as well as good cooperation with groups of contractors.

TIKA DESIGN is a group of people who constantly supplement their knowledge about the latest technologies and trends in design. Trips to international interior design fairs and participation in numerous competitions develop the awareness and creativity of designers. In their designs, they create unique forms for individual interiors, and functional design constantly appears in visions with perfectly matched functional and aesthetic solutions.

The founders of the TIKA DESIGN – design studio are Ewelina Jaszczurowska and Michał Palka.

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