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We are a polish manufacturer of furniture, metal molds and interior accessories. We are stili looking for new, original designs that combine Polish tradition and quality of workmanship with modern design.

We take care of every detail, which is why the materials from which we make our furniture are of the highest quality.

We have our own production place where we make all metal elements of our furniture. We obtain other components such as wood, stone or furniture board from Polish producers.

We work with both desig ners and fu rnitu re manufacturers. We are open to cooperation with both indivdual and multi-series productions.

lndividual valuation of furniture and metal structures from our offer is available in any configuration, according to the selected color, dimensions and materiał.

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From passion to create

Julia Sroczyńska, the originator and founder of Unique Forms, talks about the passion for creation, as well as where the idea for creating a collection of unique, original, Scandinavian-style industrial furniture came from.

You are the originator and founder of Unique Forms, which produces industrial, modern Scandinavian-style furniture. How was the idea for this activity born? What were the beginnings of Unique Forms?

The idea of creating furniture was the result of three factors. During the renovation of apartments according to my own needs, I noticed that despite the wide offer of furniture companies I cannot find furniture that meets all my expectations. The second element was obvious, as it is often the case with purchases, and it was the price, expressed in a three-digit number. An additional stimulus was the fact that I had the opportunity to produce furniture as part of my own production park, which was a part of the family business. However, the most important reason for starting this activity was my passion for designing and creating something new and unique. My current job did not allow me to develop this passion, which was an additional motivation to create something that would give me satisfaction and allow me to fulfill myself professionally.

Where do you get your inspiration for designing new furniture?

Until now, inspirations were most often the result of functional needs and interior design that I was arranging, but due to the fact that I am not a trained designer, I decided to use the knowledge and experience of my friends. I want to create a place where customer needs will be combined with a unique, one-of-a-kind design, but at a reasonable price. We want to give the customer the opportunity to personalize his furniture to his own needs and taste. We will provide products in line with the idea of industry 4.0, but also with a soul and appearance that will delight the household members and guests. Of course, the offer will also include ready-made furniture, in stock, and therefore available immediately, without having to wait for design and production.

Often, while browsing the offers of other manufacturers, I came across interesting solutions, but it was always associated with the desire to change, adapt a given piece of furniture to my own needs. Designing my own furniture gave me unlimited freedom to create what I needed.

Unique Forms means unique, one-of-a-kind forms. What is the uniqueness of your furniture? What features distinguish your furniture from others available on the market?

As I mentioned earlier, we want to respond to the needs of customers, not to be limited to one style, to offer various products at different prices – both furniture that fit many interiors and premium products for individual orders. What’s more, we want to create an online platform for contacting customers so that they can see a given product “live” without leaving home. The photo does not always reflect the depth and all the elements of the furniture, but thanks to the online video communication, the customer will be able to see how the furniture looks in reality. He will be able to imagine how the selected piece of furniture will look in a specific interior and how it will harmonize with other elements of the decor. The customer will therefore be able to ask questions and get all answers immediately, as well as seek advice on the selection of materials or colors. If we manage to complete this project, it will certainly be a great help when it comes to buying furniture online. I often had a problem with getting to the point of sale of a given manufacturer – either because of the distance or the working hours. Here we will be able to connect with the customer online and evaluate the product almost as if we were seeing it live.

Where does the passion for furniture design come from and when was it born? Is it related to education, or is it a kind of passion / hobby, or maybe both?

It is definitely the result of a passion that has developed with me for a long time. As I mentioned before, the combination of certain events led me to create a furniture brand. It gives me great satisfaction to create something from scratch. The idea first appears in my head, then I put it on paper. In the next step, we verify the whole thing together with the architect and constructor, we select materials, thicknesses of materials to be used, etc. However, the greatest satisfaction for me is the possibility of making the vision I have in my head come true and seeing the finished piece of furniture in reality. It gives unlimited possibilities and the desire to create better and better solutions.

Furniture design is an art with a capital “S”. Is your passion related in particular to any particular current of art? If so, what elements do you draw from this trend and what does it mean for Unique Forms furniture designs?

Definitely – due to the leading material used, which is metal – we draw from modern, minimalist art. However, personally, I do not like unambiguous solutions and I try to ensure that the furniture fit both very modern and simple interiors, as well as more traditional ones. My favorite style is definitely eclecticism, characterized by a combination of modern, simple and traditional forms. The combination of metal and wood itself is a specific reflection of the eclectic style, but so that the whole thing is not too heavy and overwhelming, everything has to be balanced, e.g., a heavy, thick wooden table top is combined with delicate metal profiles.

The company and brand are constantly developing. We already have new ideas for interesting forms and combinations, we are limited only by our imagination, so it’s hard to say now what will inspire us in some time. However, I try not to follow all trends and fashion. What we do must above all please us and correspond to our concept of aesthetics. When choosing our brand, customers need to know what to expect.

You design not only furniture, but also exclusive interior accessories. What additions can be found in the Unique Forms offer?

At the moment, our offer includes mainly accessories made entirely of metal. These are, among others: clothes hangers, towels, mirrors or a paper container. Depending on the demand, we plan to introduce many more. It is mainly about solutions that will help keep the house in order – equipment that will be elegant and simple, and at the same time hide everyday objects.

Your passion for art is not only the Unique Forms company, but also other initiatives aimed at supporting artists and the world of art. One of your ideas is the proposal to fund a scholarship for the most talented students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Can you tell me more about this noble initiative?

This idea doesn’t quite come from me. Together with my colleague, we were thinking about creating a fresh, new line of furniture – from a chair to a wardrobe; a line that is consistent and at the same time separate enough that its individual elements fit different styles and other furniture. We wanted this line to present a completely new, different face of Unique Forms furniture. It was then that the idea of involving young people who are just starting their work with design was born; people who do not have to adapt to any rules or standards resulting from working for a specific furniture brand.

We want these ideas to be unique, and it is my job to adapt them to the production and material capabilities.

So, I wouldn’t quite call this noble initiative. For me, it is more of a form of cooperation where we receive something special, at the same time giving opportunities for the development of young talents. Each side receives something in return, so we have a common benefit here.

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